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PPP as an opportunity for development of the regional investments

On 30th May in the conference room of the Aviation Museum in Krakow the "Looking to the Future - public-private partnership as a perspective of regional development due to the use of EU funds" conference was held during which the hopes and fears associated with the form of public tasks implementation with the participation of private investors, that is getting increasingly more popular, were discussed. As an example of "good practice" of use of the EU funds in the development and promotion of PPP projects a project of the Municipality of Krakow "PPP new perspectives", implemented by the Board of Sports Infrastructure in Krakow was presented.

The conference was, on behalf of the hosts and organizers, opened of by Jacek Krupa, Member of the Government of Malopolskie Voivodeship, who said that "Public - private partnership is still more a hope than a reality, and it still does not work. Another barrier is the psychosocial aspect, because the contact point between public and private money is still seen as something pathological and reprehensible. This area is being developed, but the effects of changes do not occur to the expected degree". A representative of the Government of Malopolskie Voivodeship emphasized that in the new financial perspective of the European Union the public-private partnership will play a key role, and obtaining of EU funding for the planned investment may be largely dependent on the formation of public-private partnership.


In the first part of the conference experts from the Ministry of Regional Development, Institute for Private and Public Partnership and PPP Centre, spoke and in their speeches they undertook the most important topics in relation to public-private partnerships in Poland. The issue of use of the EU funds in implementation of projects under PPP was discussed; recent legislation and interpretations regarding the impact of PPP on public debt and a report on research on the most advanced PPP projects in Poland were presented. Among the latters, as one of the most interesting and entering the implementation phase due to determination of the local government of Krakow the "Construction of the cemetery in Krakow Podgórki Tynieckie including the funeral ceremony facility and the crematory" project was indicated.


The second part of the conference was filled with presentations of examples of good practice and PPP experts’ debate. During this part, together with the PPP projects from the Slake voivodeship the following examples were given: "Thermal efficiency improvement of buildings of educational institutions in the community of Radzionków" (PPP contract, selection of private partner in form of a competitive dialogue) and from Świętokrzyskie voivodeship: "Complex of mineral pools in Solec Zdrój" (public works and services concession contract, selection of a partner pursuant the provisions of the Act on Concession for Works or Services, hybrid project co-funded by EU).

As an interesting example of the use of the EU funds for educational and promotional purposes and for preparation of investments under the public-private partnership project "PPP new perspectives - the creation of an international network of cooperation to promote public-private partnership for Krakow" was presented. The presentation was made by Miroslaw Paluchowski, project coordinator.


After the presentations, a discussion involving expert Michał Czarnecki (Ministry of Regional Development), Wieslaw Bury (Malopolska Regional Development Agency), Marcin Wawrzyniak (Institute for Public-Private Partnership), Przemyslaw Zaręba (PPP Centre) and Józef A. Laskowski (Marshal's Office of the Malopolska Region) was conducted, which was moderated by Stanislaw Sorys, Member of the Malopolskie Voivodeship Government. The discussion was dominated by the topics on the principles and criteria that should guide local governments, choosing of PPP as a form of public investment implementation. All the experts agreed that PPP should not be regarded as a remedy for times of crisis, and an antidote to the lack of investment funds in the budget of local governments. It should be used wherever there is a reasonable, based on accurate analysis, justification that this form of the investment implementation will be more profitable than implementation of the project in the traditional manner.


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