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Study visit in the UK

Between 24th and 29th October 2011 delegation of Sports Infrastructure Management Board of Krakow participated in the second study trip organized as part of “PPP new perspectives”. This time destination was London where delegates learnt about British PPP experience.

Programme of the visit included meetings with representatives of the consulting company PwC (formerly PricewaterhouseCoopers) who shared their vast experience in terms of preparation and implementation of investments in the PPP mode. It also covered visits to selected sports facilities in London, including the Olympic Games centre which is now in its last construction phase and is being built for the needs of next year’s Olympics which are to be held in London.

Meetings, lectures and presentations prepared and given in the seat of PwC brought the SIMB employees closer to the specifics of the PPP formula in the UK and to the great experience of the company acquired also when preparing Polish infrastructure projects. It needs to be mentioned that the consulting company PwC is one of the world largest companies of the kind over 175000 hiring employees all over the world and its income for the financial year 2011 amounts to USD 29.2 bn (source:

In terms of PPP the company advised on the building of Newcastle airport, one line of London underground and sports and recreation centres such as for instance the Rotherham Leisure project including construction of swimming pools, leisure facilities and local administration offices.
The speakers demonstrated that in the projects implemented in the PPP formula in the UK are rather large and their value exceeds GBP 20 m. What is more, they also pointed out positive aspects of investments completed in this mode, such as open access to private capital, public funds savings, transfer of risk onto the private partner, raising the standard of services provided by private partners’ exploitation of innovative technologies. A characteristic feature of the UK is the minimal engagement of the state in preparation of the investment being substantially different from even of the French experience where government administration bodies support partners greatly by creating for instance guarantee fund, granting subsidies from the central budget supporting development of the investment as well as assistance in negotiations and preparation of the PPP contracts.

The lecture also presented a sports and recreation sector investment completed in the PPP formula in the preparation of which PwC participated. The “Appendix - Singapore Sports hub” investment prepared in Singapore of estimated value USD 1.85 b is the world largest sports infrastructure project completed in the PPP formula. The established special company “Singapore Sports Hub Consortium” (SSHC) by concessionary contract entered for 25 years will be held responsible for the project, construction, acquiring funding and management of ready facilities. Pursuant to the assumptions the profit generated by operating facilities will be divided between the public and private sectors. Entire investment costs will be covered by loans given by 11 banks to the consortium and partially from short-term loans granted by 4 banks until the time of raising funds for the entire investment.

Apart from the theory, the SIMB representatives visited the already functioning sports facilities and with the Olympic centre being prepared for the Games in 2012. Our speakers paid attention to the important aspect of intensification of profits the operating facilities are expected to bring. Apart from the basic purpose which is organizing sports events additional profits are generated for instance by sale of private boxes, stores functioning in the facility, restaurants and sale of rights to the facility name. At the Olympic centre it was emphasizes that effective use of the built infrastructure after the Games is as important as efficient conducting of the planned Olympic games. Locating the centre in the Stratford district allowed revitalizing one of the most degraded parts of London. Some facilities will be adapted for apartments and other public buildings. While the stadium built for the Olympic Games will be converted and given to one of the football clubs. Experience during the stay in London will certainly be employed when preparing investments in the PPP formula by he Municipality of Krakow.

The study visit in the UK included in the “PPP new perspectives” project was co-financed by the European Regional Development Funds as part of the Malopolska Regional Operational Programme for 2007 – 2013. British-Polish Chamber of Commerce with seat in London co-organized the visit.

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