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IGD affiliates subjects promoting solutions in the PPP formula including:

  • Board of Founders: over 40 companies (which finance activities of IDG by paying an agreed fee over the period of 5 years);
  • Board of Employees;
  • Board of Experts: approximately 30 experts representing public administration, local self-governments, customers’ associations, unions, trade associations etc.

On the operational level IGD is engaged in four areas:

PPP Initiative – IGD conducts monitoring aimed at modification of law and regulations concerning public-private partnership. In this respect IGD together with MAPPP created Observatory on PPP (Centre d’Expertise Français pour l’Observation des Partenariats Publics Privés CEF-O-PPP that is Centre of French expertise for monitoring PPP) and participates in work groups on adapting competitive tendering tools. As part of the PPP initiative and in co-operation with MAPPP and universities a PPP School as been established which educates representatives of government offices and public administration in terms of implementing PPP contracts.

Council Services Record – The record shapes indexes measuring efficiency of public services and presents opinions in order to select the best form of managing public services.

Local democracy and users’ participation – Participation of citizen in managing public services is a significant condition of project stability and sustainable development. Within this are the following organizations operate: a) local advisory committees, b) civil conferences, c) customer satisfaction surveys.


Record of basic services – With the use of the two-year programme, supported by the IGD founders’ board, the record of basic services aims to transfer experience to developing countries. Four-lateral meetings with representatives of the state, territorial self-government units, operators and users are held in order to support activities with the shared goal.

Council Services Record prepared by IGD as part of which special socioeconomic indicators have been created is of particular importance for Poland and worth transferring to our yard. The indicators support objective selection of methods of managing council services, provide process transparency and allow verifying efficiency of given projects.


E.E.L. Events and are pleased to invite you to participate in the 4th edition of the international conference: Poland & CEE PPP Forum which will take place on 12th May 2015 at the InterContinental Hotel in Warsaw.

On 18 June 2014, the Sports Infrastructure Management Board in Kraków (Public Entity) running the procedure “Selection of the private partner for the implementation of the project 'Sport and Recreation Centre at ul. Eisenberga in Kraków'" sent an invitation to the Candidate with which negotiations had been carried on for almost half a year.

Negotiations with the Candidate concerning the procedure for selection of the private partner for the implementation of the project “Sports and Recreation Centre at ul. Eisenberga in Kraków” were finished. The negotiations that took place from November 2013 till May 2014 comprised 6 negotiation rounds, during which technical, legal and financial aspects of the project were discussed.

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