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Municipality of Krakow has already completed council investments in co-operation with private entity. In 2009 an underground park site at the Na Groblach Square was built as part of concession for construction works. More underground park sites are being prepared to win private investors. Apart from investments implemented as part of concession, that is the so called small PPP, Municipality of Krakow is in the process of preparation of numerous offers, proposal for private investors with the view to implement them in the formula of public-private partnership. Among the offers there are sports and recreation, housing (council flats), public buildings and road infrastructure investments.

As part of municipality of Krakow, Sports Infrastructure Management Board of Krakow also runs its activities related with PPP preparing investment offers for sports and recreation facilities. One of the investments scheduled for implementation in the PPP formula and prepared by SIMB received on 25th June 2009 an award for Municipality of Krakow in the Good Practices contest in category sports and recreation investments. The award represented good planning and preparation of investment offers as part of PPP.

Conferences organized by the Municipality of Krakow on public-private partnership:

  • As initiated by the Sports Infrastructure Management Board of Krakow and thanks to co-operation with the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Poland on 4th March 2010 an all-Poland conference titled "PPP - Need, Plan, Project". Partnerstwo Publiczno - Prywatne w sektorze budynków użyteczności publicznej” (PPP – Need, Planning, Project. Public-private partnership in the public buildings sector) was held under the patronage of honour of Minister of Economy Waldemar Pawlak, Mayor of Krakow Jacek Majchrowski and the Marshal of the Malopolskie Province Marek Nawara. Over 120 participants attended it. At the conference plans of the city of Krakow concerning construction of public buildings were discussed. Key aspects of implementing investments as part of public-private partnership were demonstrated on the basis of specific projects related to council flats, sports and recreation facilities as well as Investor Service Office building. The projects were presented from the point of view of public entity and of potential private partners (contractor, operator, and bank). Indicated aspects of undertakings showed issues of planned transaction which are essential for both parties. After the conference a business meeting (so called business mixer) was held at which Krakow authorities, Polish and foreign entrepreneurs discussed details of selected investments.
  • Subsequent conference on PPP theme was organized on 7th June 2010 called “Funding self-government investments and debt limitations”. The conference tackled the method of using innovative financial instruments and external funding sources which would allow implementing financial programmes of cities with high debt level safely. Obviously, one of the subjects discussed at the conference was public-private partnership.


E.E.L. Events and are pleased to invite you to participate in the 4th edition of the international conference: Poland & CEE PPP Forum which will take place on 12th May 2015 at the InterContinental Hotel in Warsaw.

On 18 June 2014, the Sports Infrastructure Management Board in Kraków (Public Entity) running the procedure “Selection of the private partner for the implementation of the project 'Sport and Recreation Centre at ul. Eisenberga in Kraków'" sent an invitation to the Candidate with which negotiations had been carried on for almost half a year.

Negotiations with the Candidate concerning the procedure for selection of the private partner for the implementation of the project “Sports and Recreation Centre at ul. Eisenberga in Kraków” were finished. The negotiations that took place from November 2013 till May 2014 comprised 6 negotiation rounds, during which technical, legal and financial aspects of the project were discussed.


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